4 Beard Grooming Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

 No matter how long you’ve been growing a beard, you can never know too much. Being a man with a mane means constantly discovering new ways to take care of your beard. Natural beard wax may not have been a part of your routine a year ago, but you probably can’t do without it today. And while you’re busy learning tricks of the trade, it’s also good to learn what you shouldn’t be doing.

For those of you who are serious about growing a beard (we’re guessing that’s everyone), we’ve put together a list of beard grooming mistakes you should skip altogether. Here’s how not to go about growing your beard, and how you can make it the best beard instead.

Not Using Natural Beard Products

Natural beard wax, oils and balms are a cut above the rest. If you haven’t yet made the switch from synthetic products, you may not see what the big deal is. In a nutshell, these types of products are simply better for the health of your beard. Synthetic products tend to dry out the beard, making hair brittle, and they are harsher on the skin beneath it. Healthy skin is also a major part of a healthy beard, so if you aren’t taking care of it, the chances of your beard being at its best are minimal. Next time you are shopping for beard grooming products, keep the beard balm organic or natural, and search for natural oils or waxes only. These products will ensure a softer, healthier beard.

Using the Wrong Razor

Many men find cartridge razors convenient and easily accessible. They are, however, not the best way to go about trimming or shaping your beard. Rather use a safety razor to gain more control over the shape you achieve. When used with a shaving oil, you can achieve a much more shapely beard, which is what all serious beard owners want, right?

Not Having a Moisturizing Routine

Dabbing a little oil here and there isn’t enough to maintain a healthy beard. You need to treat grooming just like you would a skincare routine. Find a beard balm that’s organic, and an oil to boot. These products are crafted to help you maintain softness and moisture so that your beard remains manageable and overall more attractive. Moisturizing is particularly effective after shaving, which tends to leave the skin dry. There are also some daily use products that you can incorporate in your after-shower routine.

Shaving Cold

The best time to trim or shave around your beard is after a warm shower, particularly if you’ve used a scrub to lift your hair away from the skin. During your shower, the beard softens and your pores open up. Both these conditions are more conducive to get a good shave when cleaning around your beard, grooming and shaping. Open pores are also more receptive to grooming products like oils and balms, so a warm shower is also a great way to get the most out of your beard care products.

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